Marie Clarivelle Evalle

Virtual Assistant / WordPress Developer

Why you should hire me?

As A Virtual Assistant

I’ve got two years of work experience as an Admin Assistant specializes in Lead Generation and Web Research. Aside from that I also undergo a rigid training from Virtualasting to be a Highly Valuable Virtual Assistant. This helps me gain confidence to assure my future clients that I can perform not only lead generation and web research but also any kind of tasks that is related to a virtual assistant job. My aim is to be a successful Rockstar Virtual Assistant.

As A Web Developer

I’m currently employed as a Junior Programmer at a Government Agency. We use different kinds of languages like Java, PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, and iBatis. We use Oracle Jdeveloper to developed systems and modules and for the Database, we used Oracle SQL developer. I’m can also perform task like Technical Writer and QA tester.

Aside from the VA skills and Web developing skills that I can offer. I’m proficient in prioritizing and completing my tasks in a timely manner, yet flexible to multitask when necessary and very keen to details. Able to make decisions independent and quickly. I can work independent or as part of a team.




As I mention above I’m currently employed 8am to 5pm Philippine time but I want to increase my productivity during my free time. So now, I’m looking for a second job that can offer a Flexible Schedule. 

I’m Available for a full time job if it’s a flexible Schedule but for fix schedule I’m only available Part time from 9pm to 1am Philippine time. 

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Judee Kimberly Rallos

Founder and CEO of Virtualasting

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WordPress Developer 95%
ClickFunnel 91%
Chatbot 88%

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